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LWMC launches cleanliness awareness campaign in schools

LAHORE, Jan 23 (APP):Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has launched a comprehensive awareness campaign across all educational institutions in the city.
Under the auspices of the LWMC Community Mobilization Wing, special cleanliness awareness activities were conducted last week in Samanabad and Aziz Bhatti Town. Students were actively engaged in waste picking and waste segregation training, with over 30 female students selected as ambassadors for the cleanliness awareness campaign.
Students at Mubarak Public High School Band Road, Kashif Girls High School Band Road, and Siddique Khan High School Tajpura received training in waste management. LWMC Chief Executive Officer Babar Sahib Din appreciated the active involvement of the Community Mobilization Wing in raising awareness about cleanliness. He urged citizens to adopt cleanliness habits and actively participate in keeping Lahore clean. To address cleanliness-related complaints, LWMC encourages the use of the helpline 1139 and social media, emphasizing the collective responsibility of citizens in maintaining a clean environment.

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