Lifesaving skill can’t be ignored: Dr Kaleemullah

First Aid Day
MULTAN, Sep 09 (APP):In a resounding display of dedication to public safety, Multan’s Rescue 1122  stepped up to commemorate International First Aid Day with fervor and commitment, here on Saturday.
This celebration underscores the paramount importance of first aid training in the community.
District Emergency Officer Dr. Kaleemullah vehemently argued that this celebration’s true meaning lay in acknowledging first aid’s ability to save lives. In any emergency,  the lives in danger could be saved by dint of swift first aid.
Dr. Kaleem articulated the organization’s aspiration to deliver first-aid training to every household in society. This noble vision aims to empower citizens with the skills needed to act effectively during critical moments, he stated.
To actualize this goal, Rescue 1122 has taken remarkable steps. Training initiatives have been extended to rescue squads at the Union Council level, ensuring that first aid expertise reaches every corner of Multan.
District Emergency Officer Dr. Kaleemullah emphasized trained citizens play a pivotal role as first responders in emergencies, bridging the crucial gap until professional help arrives. Their actions can make the difference between survival and tragedy.
In a technological leap, Rescue 1122 has introduced an app that provides online first aid training. This accessible resource equips people with the knowledge and skills needed to act confidently in emergencies, he remarked.
Dr. Kaleemullah urged the community to rally behind Rescue 1122’s noble mission of establishing a safer society. Supporting this cause is not just an act of goodwill but a commitment to preserving precious lives.
Multan’s Rescue 1122 stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward a safer, more prepared community.
As they celebrate International First Aid Day, they invite all to join hands in making Multan a safer place for everyone, he concluded.
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