Lahore Science Mela concludes

Lahore Science Mela
LAHORE, Oct 29 (APP): A 2-day ‘Lahore Science Mela’ on Sunday concluded at Crescent Model Higher Secondary School organized by the Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS).
Khwarizmi Science Society General Secretary Dr Muhammad Sabieh Anwar while speaking on the occasion said that the KSS was established with an aim to promote culture of science in country’s educational institutions and general public.
Lahore Science Mela was started in 2017 and from then it has become a regular annual event.
He said that people attended Science mela to gain knowledge and it was really a big achievement that almost 100,000 people along with their children had come to this event in two days just for the sake of science and education.
Muhammad Sabieh said that in this two days event there were 125 exhibitors from all over the country. “International exhibitors also took part in it. Science is everywhere in our surroundings and Khwarizmi Society is trying to create moments which let people and children witness innovating science models and demostrations.
Such initiatives create sense among students that they could do miracles in the field of science.”
He further said that Lahore Science Mela was not specifically for children or students, adding that people of all age groups could benefit from it. “There is a need to promote science literacy among people,” he added.
Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission spokesperson Shahid Riaz Khan said that there was a need to work for the promotion of science in the country and Khwarizmi Society had arranged the event for promotion of science.
He said that stalls had been set up in the Lahore Science Mela to educate visitors that how science is important in today’s world.
“The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission is playing its role in minerals exploration, agriculture and health sectors. Pakistan-CERN efforts were also highlighted in the Lahore Science Mela and the initiative related to laser technology.
Six nuclear power plants of the commission were working in the country producing more than 3500 MW of electricity. We informed students and visitors about the initiatives and encouraged students to pursue science as their career.”
It is pertinent to mention here that Lahore Science Mela featured new and captivating exhibits, demonstrations and performances. The Mela boasted a variety of attractions including KSS surprisesum, a diverse range of science and technology exhibitors, planetarium, large hadron collider tunnel and lit-disco, exciting indoor workshops along with exceptional auditorium talks.
This year the festival had the privilege of hosting several distinguished international guests. CERN Media Lab Head Mr Joao Pequenao,  Middle East Technical University Professor Dr Bilge Demirkoz, Christopher Parkin and Helen Pooley from History of Science Museum, Oxford University, participated virtually.
The Mela brought around 200 performers from Pakistan including Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, National Institute of Oceanography, PCSIR, Pakistan Meteorological Department, Pakistan Science Foundation, Veterinary Research Institute, leading universities and educational institutions like GCU, King Edward Medical University, LUMS etc.
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