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Lahore police continue crackdown on kite flying

LAHORE, Mar 02 (APP):Capital City Police Officer Bilal Siddique Kamyana has emphasized the ongoing vigilance of Lahore Police against individuals engaging in the perilous activity of kite flying.
In a statement issued today, he disclosed that this year alone, 348 instances of kite flying have been recorded, leading to the arrest of 359 individuals.
According to him, 11931 kites and 314 spools were confiscated from the apprehended suspects. Among the reported cases, 103 were registered in the Cantt division, with 29 in the Civil Lines Division, 85 in the City division, 35 in Saddar Division, 46 in the Iqbal Town Division, and 50 in the Model Town Division. Kamiana stressed that the loss of human lives due to kite flying is unacceptable, underscoring that individuals involved in the production, distribution, and use of hazardous materials like metal strings and kites should face severe consequences.
While directing an escalation in operations against violators of the Kite-Flying Act, he mandated that both field and supervisory officers be held accountable in cases of injury caused by metal strings. He urged the public to demonstrate responsible citizenship by promptly reporting instances of kite flying to the authorities via the dedicated helpline 15, ensuring the safety of fellow citizens.

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