“KP and GB governments unite to ensure peace, security, and national development

"KP and GB governments unite to ensure peace, security, and national development
ABBOTTABAD, Sep 26 (APP):In a significant development, a high-level meeting of Hazara division and Diamer officials was convened to address the security concerns surrounding the N-15 Babusar Top Road and the N-35 Karakoram Highway that connects both KP and Gilgit Baltistan provinces.
Commissioner Hazara Division Syed Zaheer-ul-Islam and DIG Hazara Muhammad Ajaz Khan said that security forces, police, and administration are united on one platform and united together to provide protection to development projects and national and international workers.
Both provinces are committed to establishing peace and security within the country and promoting national development, Commissioner Diamer Faisal Ahsan Pirzada and DIG Diamer Farekh Rashid said on the occasion.
A focal point of the discussions revolved around bolstering the security measures in place for the critical N-15 Babusar Top Road and N-35 Karakoram Highway. Additionally, security concerns in important cities within both provinces, including Naran Kaghan Road and Karakoram Road, were addressed. Notably, the safety of international workers engaged in development projects in Mansehra and Kohistan was also a central topic of discussion.
Commissioner Hazara and DIG Hazara underscored the paramount importance of safeguarding both local and international workers involved in ongoing development projects in Pakistan. Ensuring their safety and financial security is a top priority for the Pakistani government, they emphasized. To achieve this goal, security forces, law enforcement agencies, and administrative bodies are collaborating on a unified platform.
The success of the development projects on the Karakoram Highway and Naran Kaghan Road hinges significantly on the level of security provided. Both the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government and the Gilgit-Baltistan government are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to fortify security in these critical areas.
Participants in the meeting included Commissioner Hazara Division Syed Zaheer-ul-Islam, DIG Hazara Muhammad Ajaz Khan, Commissioner Diamer Faisal Ahsan Pirzada, DIG Diamer Farekh Rashid, and Wing Commander GB Scouts Aamir Zeb. The gathering also featured several other key police officials and district administrators.
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