Kashmiri leader calls on UN to prioritize resolution of decades-old conflict


MIRPUR-AJK, Apr 19 (APP): Kashmiri leader Raja Muzaffar, Acting Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF-Yasin Malik) has urged the United Nations Secretary-General and Member States to address the long-standing Kashmir conflict without further delay.

In a statement issued to media here Friday, Raja Muzaffar, a US-based Kashmiri leader, highlighted the decades-long struggle of the Jammu Kashmir people for self-determination and independence as well as the human rights violations they have endured under occupation.

He emphasized that the Kashmir issue remained an unfinished agenda and called on the UN to recognize and support the right to freedom of the Kashmiri people by granting them their birth right of self-determination to decide their own destiny.

In his statement, Muzaffar appealed to the UN to facilitate a peaceful and inclusive political process to determine the future of the internationally-acknowledged disputed Jammu Kashmir state and address the growing tensions in the region.

He firmly rejected any solution that perpetuates the status quo or continues the Indian forced and unlawful occupation of the Jammu Kashmir state.

Muzaffar asserted that the Kashmiri people’s voice for freedom is a crucial reminder of the urgent need for international attention and action to resolve this long-standing conflict.

The JKLF (Y) leader’s appeal comes ahead of the 2024 UN General Assembly session in September, where he hopes to see the Kashmir issue included on the agenda.

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