Intellectuals condemn Jaranwala incident,  express solidarity with Christian community

Jaranwala incident
MULTAN, Aug 22 (APP):A delegation of poets, writers, intellectuals, and journalists met with Bishop of Multan Leo Rodrick Pal at the Cathedral of Saint Mary The Virgin in the city and expressed solidarity with him and the Christian community across Pakistan over the Jaranwala incident.
The delegation comprising Javed Yaad, Raziuddin Razi, Qamar Raza Shahzad, Shakir Hussain Shakir, Mustehsan Khayal, Nawazish Ali Nadeem, Azhar Saleem Majoka, Fidaullah Chaudhry, Muhammad Mukhtar Ali, Adnan Qureshi, and Shahzad Imran Khan strongly condemned the Jaranwala incident and sought severe punishment to criminals involved in it.
Bishop of Multan said on the occasion that Pakistan was their identity and such incidents can hardly dent the immense love they have in their heart for the country.
He said that the message of love, peace, and expression of solidarity from the men of letters from Multan has elevated their spirits and was a source of encouragement.
The delegates said, they were deeply hurt after hearing the news of the attack on the Christian community in Jaranwala and added that poets and writers are the messengers of love and peace.
Raziuddin Razi said, his heart goes out to the Christian families who had to suffer immense difficulties in the wake of the sad incident and added that anti-Pakistan elements were behind the attack who wanted to tarnish the image of the country.
Poet Qamar Raza Shahzad said, he was a strong advocate of equality and was not in favor of using the terms like minority adding that all the people who live in the country are Pakistanis and their rights must be protected.
Shakir described the incident as a blot on the social fabric while Javed Yaad sought efforts from all segments of society to collectively work for the development and survival of the country.
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