Increase in cases of breast cancer alarming in country: Samina Arif Alvi

Increase in cases of breast cancer alarming in country: Samina Arif Alvi

QUETTA, Nov 15 (APP):First Lady Begum Samina Arif Alvi Monday said that women were the main pillar of the society while the increase in cases of breast cancer in women was alarming due to not diagnosed the disease timely which had spread silently in the country.

She expressed these views while addressing a function organized in connection with the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign’ here at Governor House.
She said the campaign was needed to be made more effective and it should not be limited to a week or a month.

As many as 100,000 cases of Breast Cancer were being reported annually in the country, she said, adding it was also important to have a central database on breast cancer .

The first lady urged the women to adopt a healthy lifestyle including balanced diet and physical exercise to safe them from the breast cancer.

She also appealed to women in their vicinity to spread the message of awareness to prevent breast cancer to as many women as possible as early diagnosis and early stage of treatment could reduce the risk of the disease.

She further mentioned that one out of every 8 women was diagnosed with breast cancer in in the country, adding due to societal values, women did not talk about the disease. The breast cancer could be completely controlled when it would be diagnosed in initially stage and awareness raising was needed for early diagnosis of the disease.

“Breast cancer affects not only women over the age of 50 but also young girls,” she said adding a women should give themselves five minutes every month, if abnormal symptoms appear which would share with the family immediately.

Begum Samina Arif Alvi said that the media had played an effective role in the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. “I am especially grateful to the media here which is playing its part in the campaign,” she maintained.

Begum Samina Arif Alvi said that the biggest problem of our women was that they were ashamed to tell their loved ones about this disease or its symptoms.

It was important to note that a healthy woman was not only the guarantor of a healthy family but also a strong society built on healthy women, she told.

She said therefore, institutions, government officials, NGOs and everyone would come forward to play their role for spreading of awareness against the breast cancer among women in order to prevent the disease.

She said special measures were being taken to diagnose and treat breast cancer in all government hospitals in view of the increasing cases of breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign was organized at the Governor’s House in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

Representatives of the World Health Organization highlighted about the breast cancer cases in Balochistan in their speeches.