Imran’s dismal policies responsible for energy crisis, hike in petroleum prices in country: Muqam

Imran's dismal policies responsible for energy crisis, hike in petroleum prices in country: Muqam
PESHAWAR: June 17 - Advisor to Prime Minister on Political and Public Affairs Mr. Ameer Maqam addressing a press conference at PMLN Secretariat. APP

PESHAWAR, Jun 17 (APP): Adviser to the Prime Minister for Political and Public Affairs Engr Amir Muqam here on Friday said that Imran Khan’s government was responsible for the prevailing energy crisis and hike of petroleum products in the country.

Addressing a press conference after attending a high-level meeting on energy shortfall at Pesco headquarters here, Amir Muqam said that Imran’s government had signed agreements with the IMF and agreed to withdraw subsidies on the petroleum products, adding that present government was left with no other options but to abide by these agreements in order to prevent the country from bankruptcy.

He said Imran govt had intentionally delayed withdrawal of subsidies on petroleum and electricity after knowing that the days of his rule was numbered and left economic landmines for the present government.

Muqam said the PML (N) led coalition government was well aware of people’s concerns over recent increase in petroleum products, adding today the entire nation was paying the heavy price of the ill-planned policies and agreements of the Imran Khan Govt.

“PTI chairman is responsible for the prevailing price-hike, increase in petroleum products and long hours power outages besides economic quagmire in the country.”

He said load-shedding in Khyber Pakthunkhwa was due to gap between energy’s demand and supply as a result of shortage of water in dams.

He said demands of energy in Khyber Pakthunkhwa were increased by 35 percent this year, which had put additional burden on the power system.

Engr Amir Muqam said hydel generation was affected due to decrease of water in hydropower projects due to slow melting of glaciers and lack of rains.

“Last year, our hydel generation was recorded about 6,000MW, while today it was only 4,000MW due to slow melting of glaciers in mountains areas of Pakistan,’ he said.

He expressed the hope that hydel generation would reach to 5,500MW after increase of water in Turbela dam and 900MW of the Port Qasim project that would increase electricity supply to Khyber Pakthunkhwa.

The PM adviser said politics on load-shedding should not be made for political gains and clarified that no one can dare to deny provincial rights to KP under PMLN Government as their politics revolve around rights and welfare of people of the province.

Amir Muqam said the country would have plunged into darkness today, had former PM Nawaz Sharif’s government have not had added 1200MW electricity to the national grid during 2013-18.

Terming KP budget as jugglery of words, he said that how can KP Govt claims that its budget was self reliant when it was receiving about 70percent funds from the federal government.

He claimed PTI govt had taken 100percent more loans in its nine years rule that was unprecedented in the entire history of Pakistan.

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