Imran Khan striving to make Quaid’s vision a realty : Haleem Adil

Imran Khan striving to make Quaid's vision a realty : Haleem Adil

KARACHI, Oct 05 (APP): The legislators of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh celebrated 69th birthday of Prime Minister Imran Khan at Sindh Assembly on Tuesday.

Central Vice President PTI and leader of the opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, PTI parliamentary leader in Sindh Assembly Bilal Gaffar, MPAs Shehzad Qureshi, Shahnawaz Jadoon, Saeed Afridi, Rabistan Khan and others cut cake of Imran Khan’s birthday.

Addressing a press conference at the occasion Haleem Adil Sheikh felicitated Prime Minister Imran Khan on his birthday and said that he is a genuine leader that Pakistani nation needed to realize the dreams of founders of the country.

Imran Khan has emerged as an international leader who had vision to take forward the country on path of progress and prosperity, he said adding that Imran Khan’s 26 year long political struggle is aimed at achievement of objectives of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and realization of dreams of Allama Iqbal.

Imran Khan has won hearts of masses with his selfless ideological struggle, public engagement, honesty and dedication and acquired a prestigious place in a two party system, Haleem Adil Sheikh said adding that two major political parties were nursery products as Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was introduced by Iskandar Mirza and nurture d by General Ayoub Khan and later they got NRO from another dictator while Nawaz Sharif was fostered in Martial law regime.

PTI after formation of government in 2018 had a gigantic challenge of COVID-19 ahead when government had to ensure safety of people besides keeping economic and financial sustainability, he said adding that Imran Khan instead of completely closing down the economy opted for smart lockdown so that low income groups particularly daily wage earner do not suffer.

Federal government imported 30 million doses of COVID jabs while Rs 260 billion were distributed among the masses through an easy process under Ehsas program, Haleem said. Despite of all challenges PTI government sustained the momentum of economic growth, monthly foreign remittances remained above $ 2 billion, IT exports crossed $2 billion mark for the first time and current account surplus was achieved, he noted.

PTI government carried out record legislation during its tenure as 54 acts were passed including of legislation on property rights of women, legal aid and justice authority to protect rights of vulnerable segments of the society.

PTI government issued health cards to ensure access of masses to better medical facilities and every person in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had coverage of Rs one million, he stated adding that the process was underway in Punjab and Balochistan but Sindh government was hampering the process in the province as they did not want to facilitate the masses and was focused on minting money.

Karachi Transformation Plan was another hallmark project of Imran Khan led PTI government under that transport, water, sewerage and other basic facilities and infrastructure were to be ensured in Karachi that is considered as economic engine of the country, Haleem said.

On the other hand PPP government failed to provide a single drop of water to Karachiites during their 13 year rule, he maintained and said that Imran Khan is concerned of people of Karachi and doing justice to them. Haleem Adil Sheikh mentioned that buses of Green Line had arrived in the city, KCR has been inaugurated while work on K-IV was fast tracked and its inauguration was expected in August 2023.

He added that main sewerage drain lines of the metropolis were cleared with a cost of Rs.35 billion but Sindh government could not provide land for affectees of Nallahs. There was sufficient land available for land grabbers in Karachi but poor who were dislocated could not find a shelter due to apathy of provincial government, he added.

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