Imran Khan only hope for people of Pakistan: Ghulam Sarwar

Imran Khan only hope for people of Pakistan: Ghulam Sarwar
Imran Khan only hope for people of Pakistan: Ghulam Sarwar

RAWALPINDI, Mar 27 (APP): Federal Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan here on Sunday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was the only hope for the people of Pakistan and the people were showing full confidence on his honest leadership.

Prime Minister Imran Khan would address the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) ‘historic gathering’ called ‘Amr-Bil-Maroof‘ at Parade ground in Islamabad as the party workers from across the country have started to arrive in the federal capital to express support with their leader.

Talking to newsmen before departure from PTI Public Secretariat Saddar, Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that a huge number of PTI workers and supporters have reached at the Parade Ground, whereas rallies from various cities are heading towards the federal capital.

He said, the corrupt politicians were trying to save the looted money and on the other hand, Imran Khan had become a popular leader not only in the country but also in the Islamic world.

He said that Imran Khan was the only leader who had raised his voice for Islam at all international forms.
This is a battle of truth and falsehood; he said and informed that the people who were standing with the truth are coming to attend the gathering to stand and fight against corruption.

He said the objective of the whole exercises of the opposition parties was only to get National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) from the government but they would fail to achieve their target.

The opposition parties were trying to protect their corruption and looted amount. PML-N leadership had done massive corruption and money laundering during their ruling period but now they were expressing themselves as well wisher of the people, he added.

People wanted to get rid of such politicians who were involved in loot and plunder and the plight of poor people could not be changed during 35 years of their regimes, he said.
The public sentiment was against the no-confidence move of the opposition parties, he added.
A big PTI rally left Rawalpindi to attend today’s historical public gathering in Islamabad, which would be addressed by Prime Minister Imran Khan and other party leaders.
Several other rallies are also being led by other PTI leaders including Muhammad Basharat Raja, Wasiq Qayyum, Ch Adnan, Ch Muhammad Zubair, Malik Abid Hussain, women wing leaders and others.
Several district and local party leaders and a huge number of party workers are part of the rallies, carrying PTI flags and raising pro-PTI slogans.
They said that the entire nation stands with Prime Minister Imran Khan and they would foil all attempts of the opposition parties to dislodge the government.