Illegal power connections disconnected, Fines Imposed

HYDERABAD, Sep 16 (APP): Actions against defaulters and power thieves were ongoing by Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) in different areas of the region during its drive to combat power theft. A number of illegal connections were disconnected by conducting raids in various areas of Sub-Division Kotri.
HESCO spokesman informed Saturday that SDO Kotri Gul Bahar led an operation in various areas of the sub-division, during which power connections belonging to several individuals, including PTI leaders Pir Zaman Shah Jilani, Pir Anwar Shah, and Pir Asad Shah, were disconnected.
According to the sub-division officer (SDO), Kotri, the action was taken for illegal hook connections and unpaid dues worth Rs. 1.5 million. A fine of Rs. 0.2 million has also been imposed on all the people using illegal connections, and a letter has also been sent to the concerned police station to register a case and take legal action.
According to a HESCO official, operating division Thatta’s power consumers owed more than Rs. 8,667.5 million, while operation division Badin’s consumers owed more than Rs. 4,370 million. This push will continue to achieve the goal of recovering these funds and preventing power theft.
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