HESCO continues crackdown against power theft, 281 FIRs, 29 arrested

HYDERABAD, Sep 14 (APP):As a result of the ongoing crackdown against electricity thieves in the HESCO region under the instructions of the Caretaker Prime Minister and the Ministry of Energy, letters have been submitted to various police stations for filing FIRs of electricity theft against 496 people, 281 FIRs have been registered and 29 persons have been arrested.
The HESCO spokesperson shared that 32 transformers have been confiscated so far. Moreover, during the crackdown, fines of over 47.6 million rupees were imposed and amounts of more than 9.5 million were recovered.
HESCO authorities said 35 special teams were actively working day and night in the region to combat electricity theft. They have urged consumers to ensure payments of their current bills on time.
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