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Heat wave grips Larkana Division

LARKANA, May 24 (APP):The entire city of Larkana and its surroundings remained in grip of severe heat on Friday, forcing the people to remain indoor.
The Met Office Larkana recorded 50 Degree Celsius as maximum temperature, but it has feel 52 temperature. The severe heat has affected the daily business adversely and the prices of ice and cold drinks have soared tremendously and traffic flow were slow and people’s stay at homes.
Mayor Larkana established  cold drinking water stalls in different areas of the city. The weather severity has also increased incidents of Sun-stroke, sunburn which forced them to rush to public and private hospitals for treatment. Besides the sizzling heat, the frequent power break-downs particularly round the mid-day also tested the endurance of the people.
Meanwhile, the District Health Department Larkana has distributed hand-bills bearing suggestion for the people to avoid sun-stroke and other heat related complications. The people are advised to use water, lemon mixed water, glucose, and light color dresses be used.
Besides, the Medical Superintendent (MS), Chandka Medical College Hospital Larkana has also notified that special arrangements have been made in all the hospitals for the treatment of Sun stroke, sunburn, prickly heat and hypertension patients, while centre’s have also been set up in this regard in casualty block of CMC Hospital and CMC Children Hospital Larkana.

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