Govt has to approach IMF due to Imran regime’s failure: Maryam

BAHAWALPUR, May 28 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Central Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Saturday said former prime minister Imran Khan had done nothing during his four years’ regime and the incumbent government had to go to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for assistance.

Addressing a huge public meeting here at Dring Stadium, she said the former prime minister was responsible for the price hike of essential items and recent increase in the prices of petroleum products.

“It was Imran Khan’s regime which had inked agreements with the IMF, under which the PML-N led government had no option but to raise the prices of petroleum products,” she added. But, ironically, Imran Khan was making a hue and cry over price hike, dollar rate and even in increase in petroleum products prices, she said.

“Why Imran kept mum during his regime over such issues?” she asked.

The PML-N leader said Imran Khan was using the religious card for his political gains. “The person, who uses religion for his political interests, poses danger to the the whole society,” she added.

Maryam claimed that the PTI leaders failed to bring considerable people for its recent long-march. The number was not more than 25,000. Not more than 200 persons joined the long march from any city. It was a totally flopped show, she added.

She alleged that Imran Khan was maligning the institutions, and trying to spread chaos in the country.

Remembering the Chagai atomic tests, she said it was his father Nawaz Sharif, who had rejected the offer of billions of dollars aid and decided to make Pakistan’s defence invincible. “India made five atomic tests and in response, Nawaz Sharif as the them Prime Minister of Pakistan went for six.”

Nawaz Sharif, she said, made Pakistan an atomic power and the enemy had no courage to cast even an evil eye on it. The nation today was happy to mark the Yaum-e-Takbeer.

Nawaz Sharif had never accepted foreign pressure over the nuclear issue, she added.

Maryam said Nawaz Sharif as prime minister had resolved the power load-shedding issue.
Today Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif was making efforts to bring Pakistan out of the crises, and soon the country would be back on path to progress, she hoped.

She said the PML-N led government was paying special attention to the South Punjab to make it a developed region. The Punjab province would have its governor from Bahawalpur, she added.