Gender equality vital for societal development : Senator Samina

Gender equality vital for societal development : Senator Samina
Gender equality vital for societal development : Senator Samina

QUETTA, Aug 17 (APP): Senator Samina Mumtaz Zahri on Wednesday said that gender equality was key to societal development, since women formed more than half the country’s population.

She said the families with educated and responsible women enjoyed a respectable position in the society, adding that the role of educated women was of fundamental importance in social development.

The senator said that it had also been observed that the performance of the offices or sectors in which women served was better than that of those without women, or where they had no presence at decision-making level.

“Today, women are active participants in various spheres of life, the effects of which are gradually becoming visible in the society. The main reason being that women naturally have those qualities that nurture generations,” she added.

Samina said that in Islamic history, there were many notable Muslim women, like Hazrat Khadija (RA) and Hazrat Aisha (RA), who played a key role in the development and prosperity of their society.

Commissions on human rights and women’s rights were created as soon as the United Nations came into existence, she said.

Later, many international conferences and international agreements were formed regarding women’s rights, with the aim of liberating women from exploitation; for enacting laws to end discrimination against women in society, and developing societies to prevent discrimination against women, she underlined.

Women should be respected and given ample opportunities to play their role in the construction of the society by overcoming gender discrimination, she said.

The present time, she said, demanded that men and women work side by side, adding that those countries that want to progress and develop must eliminate gender discrimination by giving women all the rights and privileges that they are entitled to.

At the same time, there was a need to overcome the problem of harassment of women, she said.

The senator said that work was being done for the rights of women in Balochistan, saying that women were the main pillar of any society and could not be ignored under any circumstances.

Women play an important role in the development of the society and no society can develop without the participation of women. It is imperative to provide opportunities for the welfare of women, for which “we all must strive together”, she concluded.