GDA approves tourism policy for Gwadar

GDA approves tourism policy for Gwadar

GWADAR, Feb 6 (APP): The Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) has approved a new tourism policy through its governing body in order to revamp and develop the sector to increase the revenue.

The construction work on the eco-tourism resorts, establishment of sea food restaurants, ferry services, beach parks, floating jetties and rest area was in full swing with allied facilities to cater the needs of local and foreign tourists visiting its beautiful coastal line.

Talking to APP, an official of the GDA said that the work on the renovation of old buildings and archaeological sites had started to preserve the ancient civilization, and history of Gwadar city with the aim to promote tourism.

“Under the plan, dilapidated buildings will be restored for tourists to recall history, culture and heritage of the port city”, he added.

He said Gwadar had a lot of potential to generate tourism opportunities, adding that there was a dire need to have a constructive approach for exploring the hidden beauty of the city.

He said the GDA would initiate new projects to further develop tourist facilities, hotels, rest houses and restaurants to provide relevant information to the visitors.

The official remarked that the boosting of tourism in the province would generate more jobs for the local community.