FESCO issues shutdown programme

FAISALABAD, Nov 22 (APP):Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has issued shutdown program for Thursday due to necessary repair, maintenance and expansion of electricity lines.
According to the program issued by the company, power supply from College Road, Faisalabad Road, Katchery Road, Rodala, Jute Mill, Crescent Cotton and Theraj Shaheed feeders linked with 132-KV Jaranwala City grid station, Habib Haseeb (SEL), Johal (SEL) and Asim Textile feeders attached with 132-KV Bandala grid station, Cardiology and Shadman feeders connected with 132-KV Tariq Abad grid station, Tariq Abad feeder originating from 132-KV Old Thermal grid station will remain suspended from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. while Forest Park, FSM, Niagra, Interloop, new MK Sons, Best Export and Saboana feeders linked with 132-KV First Treat grid station will observe shutdown from 8 a.m. to 12 noon on Thursday (November 23).
Similarly, electricity supply from Bucheki Road, Gugera, Buchiana Road, Ali Pur Bungalow, Waseer, new Awagat and Arkana feeders attached with 132-KV Jaranwala City grid station will remain suspended from 12:30 noon to 4:30 p.m. whereas FIEDMC feeder connected with 132-KV M-III Industrial City FIEDMC-I grid station will observe load shedding from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on November 23.
Meanwhile, power supply from Canal Road, Katchery Road, Islam Pura, College Road, al-Habib, Ashiq Ali Shaheed, Theraj Shaheed and Nawab Sher Waseer feeders originating from 132-KV Jaranwala grid station will remain suspended from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. while Amin Pur City feeder linked with 132-KV Amin Pur grid station, PC-II feeder attached with 132-KV Sammundri Road grid station, Raza Abad feeder connected with 132-KV Tandlianwala grid station, new Dijkot feeder originating from 220-KV Sammundri Road grid station, Khai feeder linked with 132-KV Garh Fateh Shah grid station, Dijkot Road and Rasiyana feeders attached with 132-KV Sammundri grid station, Zafar Chowk and Sheeraza feeders connected with 132-KV Manjhala Bagh grid station, Saleemi Chowk and Mian Chowk feeders originating from 132-KV GIS grid station, Chishtia Park feeder linked with 132-KV S-Road grid station, Kareem Garden feeder attached with 132-KV Khannuana grid station, Kashmir Road, Siddupura and Marzi Pura feeders connected with 132-KV Narwala grid station, Sohal, new Sabzi Mandi and Mansoor Wala feeders originating from 132-KV Thikriwala grid station, Bakkar Mandi, al-Rehman and Kamal Abad feeders linked with 132-KV Jhang Road grid station, Ghausia Abad feeder attached with 132-KV Gokhuwal grid station, Gatti feeder connected with 132-KV Nishatabad grid station, Barana feeder originating from 132-KV Barana grid station, Phalahi Wala feeder linked with 132-KV Chak No.103-RB grid station, Ziyarat (SEL) feeder attached with 132-KV Bandala grid station, Ravi and Madoana feeders connected with 132-KV Satiana grid station, Sultan Nagar and Rasool Pur feeders originating from 132-KV Chak Jhumra grid station, Sufi Di Kothi feeder linked with 132-KV Lundianwala grid station, Gulshan Colony and Model Town feeders attached with 132-KV Allied grid station, Din Pur and Torianwala feeders connected with 132-KV Mureedwala grid station, City, Bashir Abad, Ramzan Shaheed and Shalimar feeders originating from 132-KV Gojra grid station, Pakka Anna feeder linked with 132-KV Nia Lahore grid station, Islam Nagar, Gobindpura and Punj Pulli Road feeders attached with 132-KV University grid station, Ali Town feeder connected with 132-KV Chiniot Road grid station, Marafco feeder originating from 66-KV Old Thermal grid station, Abdullah Pur and Rafhan feeders linked with 132-KV Old Thermal grid station, People’s Colony No.2, College Road, Katchery Road, Kareem Town, Fowara Chowk and Maqbool Road feeders attached with 132-KV Factory Area grid station, Marzi Pura, Rehman Abad, GM Abad, Subhan Abad, Qadir Abad and Kashmir Road feeders connected with 132-KV Narwala grid station, Forest Park, Rafiq Spinning, Lathianwala and Farooq Spinning feeders originating from 132-KV Khurarianwala grid station will observe load shedding from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday (November 23, 2023).
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