Federal Minister blames PTI’s ex-govt for burdening people with inflation

Federal Minister blames PTI's ex-govt for burdening people with inflation

HYDERABAD, May 05 (APP):The Federal Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Shazia Marri has said former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government proved during their three and a half years long rule that they had no connection with the people of the country.

Talking to the media at her reception camp on the M9 Motorway in Jamshoro district on Thursday, Marri blamed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) government for putting the burden of inflation on the people.

“Yet Khan used to say that he had not become PM to fix the rates of tomatoes and potatoes,” she said.

She accused Khan’s government for not only being inept but also insensitive to the condition of the people.

“Niazi’s government never accepted that the problems existed for the people and they used to say that the economy was good and the economic indicators were also good,” she observed.

“But the fact is that the PTI’s government grinded the entire nation under inflation throughout its tenure,” she maintained.

She criticized Khan for setting about for the defence of Farah Goggi after dealing a destructive blow to the country.

The minister said Farah, who is being investigated by the National Accountability Bureau, had 40 accounts.

Responding to a question, Marri said Khan’s was ousted from the government through a constitutional way and that the general elections would be held on time.

According to her, the PTI’s MNAs had only submitted fake resignation letters and that they were drawing their salaries and visiting the parliament.

The minister said Khan should seek medical help for his mental condition because when he delivered speeches it was difficult to figure out who his actual audience was.

“Khan’s public meetings are nothing but a source of entertainment and he is now inciting the people not to follow the constitution,” she blamed.

The minister was also welcomed in different towns on her way to her hometown Sanghar.