Distt admin fixed prices of vegetables, fruits, chicken

Distt admin fixed prices of vegetables, fruits, chicken
PESHAWAR, Nov 05 (APP):The district administration fixed prices of vegetables, fruits and chicken and released the official list of prices here Sunday.
However, despite fixing the rates of food items, there is no significant reduction in the prices. White potato at Rs 90 while red potato at Rs 130 per kg, official price list described. The onion price was fixed at 120 rupees per kg.
The price of Afghan tomato has increased by 20 rupees and on Sunday the price of tomato has increased from Rs 180 to Rs 200 rupees. The rate of China lemon is fixed as Rs 100 but it is available in the market at Rs 150 to 160 per kg. The capsicum 180, green chili 100, kachalu 60, cabbage 80 rupees and okra 80 rupees per kg fixed.
The price of ginger (Thailand) has decreased, now it is fixed at Rs 820 per kg but still the same is being sold at Rs 1200 to 1300. The price of Pakistani garlic is fixed as Rs 380 and the price of Chinese garlic is Rs 530 per kg, however, such items have been sold at Rs 450 and 650 respectively.
Guava 160, Grapes 320, Apples 250 while Banana 110 rupees per kg fixed. Reduction in the price of chicken by 5 rupees, the price of live chicken is fixed at 355 to 350 rupees per kg but it is being sold at the same old price that is Rs 420 per kg. Surprisingly, no one is ready to sell as per the rate fixed by the district administration.
 “Despite showing the fixed price the vendors did not follow the same and the inflations of various food items continue,” said, a person identified him as Nouman from Khazana Sugar Mills during purchasing various food items in the vegetable Market.
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