Dinner hosted to pay tribute to services of media persons

Dinner hosted to pay tribute to services of media persons
ISLAMABAD, Sep 16 (APP):A dinner reception to acknowledge the services of the print, electronic, social, and digital media persons was held here in a local hotel the other day.
According to details, a dinner gathering of professional journalists and media persons was held to honor their services in the field of journalism.
One of the prominent political, social, and business personalities of Murree the PML-N leader Asmar Ahmed Abbasid graced the occasion as a host.
Dinner hosted to pay tribute to services of media persons
Editor of Roznama Ausaf and news channel ABN Mehtab Khan and Senior journalists Javed Saddique and Tikka Khan were the chief guests on the occasion.
Speaking on occasion, PML-N leader Asmar Ahmed Abbasi while thanking the participants said, “The pen is a powerful weapon to raise a voice against social injustices and inequality occurring in society through writing. It’s a true asset of any professional journalist.”
He said, “In my view, the journalist is the one who follows all the journalistic ethics before reporting a story.”
Dinner hosted to pay tribute to services of media persons
He said, “Unfortunately, in today’s age, professional journalists are only a few. There are many who now joined social media and thus claim that they are the real journalists but in reality, they don’t have even the basic knowledge of journalism.”
“They are only playing a game of Target Rating Point (TRP) which is disheartening,” Asmar Abbasi said.
“I request the newcomers to take guidelines from senior journalists regarding responsible and ethical journalism and learn through their experiences to excel in this profession.”
“I also request the senior journalists to cooperate with their budding journalists by sharing their knowledge with them for having a bright future of Journalism,” he added.
President of Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ) Abid Abbasi , President of Murree Press Club Sudhir Abbasi, President of Democratic France Asif Jarral, President of Electronic Media Aurangzeb Abbasi, President of Anjuman-e-Tajiran of Muree Tufail Ikhlaq Abbasi, Chief editor of Nawai-e-Murree Professor Qari Waqar Abbasi, Members of National Press club Kamran Abbasi and Sudhir Kiani, Columnist Aslam Khokhar, Special Correspondent at Dunia News Aamir Saeed Abbasi, Senior Jounalist Afshan Qureshi, Senior Journalist Shazia Tahir, Reporter/ Subeditor at Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) Hina Durrani and others were also participated and spoken relating to the topic on the occasion.
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