Construction work on long awaited Kalash Road resumes

Construction work on long awaited Kalash Road resumes

CHITRAL, June 8 (APP):The National Highways Authority (NHA) has resumed full-fledged construction work on Kalash valley road, fulfilling a long-awaited demand of the local people.

People of Kalash are famous all over the world as their area has become a famous tourists’ attraction because of its unique culture and traditions. Hence due to the poor condition of the roads in the valley, domestic and foreign tourists were facing many difficulties as sometimes it took nearly nine hours to cover only 22 kilometers distance while visiting the religious festivals of Kalash.

The road construction was inaugurated before the local body elections and was handed over to the National Highway Authority after federalization.

Lok Rehmat Kalash, a resident of Anish, newly elected Vice Chairman while talking to App correspondent said “We are thankful to the government especially the Assistant to the Chief Minister on Minority Affairs, Wazir Zada for initiating work on this important road.

He demanded expeditious work on the road and its completion before the onset of winter.”

Anila Kalash who is an FSC student said”We are very happy with the construction of this road because earlier the students and women were facing a lot of difficulties due to the bad condition of the road. She said she was thankful to the federal government for initiating this important project.”

Abdul Khaliq Kalash, who is also the president of the Hotel Association in Bamburit,said “In the past we would carry our patients on shoulders to take them to the hospital due to the bad condition of the road. He said with construction of this road the area would be developed and tourism gets a boost.”

Besides, Kalash the Muslims community living in the scenic valley is also very happy over the construction of the road. Shahabuddin belongs to Pahlavananda alongwith other Muslims in this village said”We feel freedom for the first time. He also thanked Dr. Muhammad Adnan Bhutta for his efforts in initiation of this project and said his love for the valley is reflected from his efforts for the Kalash people.”

The local people thanked Wazir Zada Kailash, special assistant to CM on Minority Affairs for his tireless efforts to bring this project to reality.

They said most of the domestic and foreign tourists who used to travel to the valley on foot would now explore more scenic spots in their vehicles.