CM directed IGP to control street crime, kidnapping for ransom

CM Sindh
KARACHI, Dec 30 (APP): The Caretaker Sindh Chief Minister Justice (Retd) Maqbool Baqar directed the Inspector General of Police to take measures to control kidnapping for ransom in the Katcha area and street crime in Karachi during a meeting.
The meeting was held at CM House on Saturday and was attended by Inspector General of Police Riffat Mukhtar and Additional IG Karachi Khadim Rind.
He also made it clear that the concerned police stations would be held responsible if any such incident occurred in their jurisdiction.
The Chief Minister expressed concern over the rising street crime in the city. He stated that the citizens are losing confidence as they don’t feel safe on the roads and in open areas. He also warned the police station that they would be held accountable if any street crime occurred within their jurisdiction.
Baqar said he has repeatedly directed the police to ensure police patrolling but those instructions have not been compiled in letter and spirit. At this, the IG police said that the orders of police patrolling had been complied with.
He said that the police stations and their mobiles have been properly equipped with wireless stations and upgradation of police stations was being made.
The chief minister said that kidnapping for ransom has again started taking place in Katcha area of the Larkana and Sukkur divisions. “I would not tolerate the rise of such a heinous crime in the Katcha area,” he said and directed the IGP to ensure the safe and secure recovery of the kidnapped persons and continue to crack down against the bandits.
The Chief Minister and the Inspector General of Police discussed the tagging of repeat criminals to monitor their movements. It was proposed that a bracelet with a chip would be worn to the criminals involved in their second or third offense. The Chief Minister directed the IG Police to propose a draft law, which would be reviewed and introduced through an ordinance.
The Chief Minister instructed the Inspector General of police to ensure better law and order in the province so that the general elections could be conducted smoothly.
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