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CM chairs 40th cabinet meeting, approves provision of 10,000 interest free e-bikes to students

LAHORE, Feb 13 (APP):The 40th session of the provincial cabinet, convened under the chair of Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi at his office, commended the police, administration, and law enforcement agencies for their commendable efforts in ensuring peaceful conduct of the general elections on February 8.
The CM conveyed his congratulations to the chief secretary, IG police and others for successfully overseeing the elections in a tranquil manner, emphasizing the effective role played by the caretaker government. He noted that voters exercised their democratic right in a calm atmosphere, electing their representatives through transparent and free voting procedures. Expressing gratitude for the achieved objectives, he stated that the caretaker government made earnest endeavors to provide immediate relief to the populace. He further asserted the team’s satisfaction in having dedicated themselves to serving the public to the best of their abilities.
It was decided to provide seven thousand electric bikes to male students and three thousand to female students on interest-free and convenient terms through The Bank of Punjab to mitigate the issue of smog. Additionally, the formation of an appellate committee for the Punjab Charity Commission was approved, along with the allocation of funds for business facilitation centers.
Furthermore, the installation of automated external defibrillators in Rescue 1122 ambulances for the prompt treatment of heart attack patients received the cabinet’s nod. Approvals were also granted for the appointment of chairpersons for drug courts in Bahawalpur, Lahore and Multan, alongside the endorsement of decisions made in the 16th meeting of the standing committee on law and order.
Provincial ministers, advisers, chief secretary, advocate general Punjab, IGP, Chairman P&D, SMBR and others were also present.

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