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Citizens face trouble due to rising smog in Muzaffargarh

MUZAFFARGARH, Nov 05 (APP):Citizens are faced with numerous problems as Muzaffargarh district is experiencing an alarming surge in smog due to a polluted atmosphere and lack of rainfall.
Over the next few days, an escalation in the severity of smog is expected.
The intensity of smog is progressively increasing throughout the entire district, particularly in suburban and rural areas. Citizens are now encountering respiratory illnesses affecting their eyes, throat, and breathing. Patients with asthma and respiratory issues are undergoing heightened discomfort.
The reduced visibility due to the smog has led to an increase in the risk of accidents. Students commuting from suburban areas to schools and employees heading to their workplaces are facing difficulties, said citizens named Ghulam Muhammad Kashif, Abdur Rehman, Farqan Alvi and many others while talking to APP.
Concerns are rising about the intensification of smog due to the limited possibilities of rain, with smog being most severe in the morning hours, gradually lessening by midday.
The traffic police have issued a directive advising citizens to refrain from unnecessary outdoor activities and to proceed with caution.

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