Citizens appeal repair, re-construction of dilapidated Vehari-Multan road

Citizens appeal repair, re-construction of dilapidated Vehari-Multan road

MULTAN, Sep 24 (APP): The state of the Multan-Vehari road, stretching over a daunting 100 kilometers, has become a growing cause for concern among thousands of daily commuters.

This vital artery, once a lifeline for countless residents in the region, now stands as a symbol of neglect, endangering lives, and fostering crime as citizens’ pleas for attention go unanswered. This stretch of road, connecting Multan to Vehari via various towns including Thingi, Garha Mor,Tibba Sultan Pur, Chowk Matela, Pul 14, and Makhdoom Rashed, serves as a critical transit route for a vast number of people who rely on it daily, said Nadeem Iqbal, an employer in private bank.

However, what should be a journey of convenience has turned into a harrowing ordeal due to its dilapidated condition, he remarked.

“Potholes, craters, and uneven surfaces plague the entire road, transforming it into a perilous pathway fraught with accidents and crime”, he expressed concerns.

Despite the repeated calls for action from citizens concerned and countless promises made in annual budgets, the authorities concerned have yet to take substantive steps to address the deplorable state of Multan-Vehari Road.

These unfulfilled commitments have left the road in an ever-worsening condition, with thousands of travelers bearing the brunt of the negligence, said Muhammad Yar, an employee in the private firm who used to travel the road on a daily basis.

One particularly notorious section of the road, from Makhdoom Rasheed town to Chowk Matela, has become synonymous with danger and criminal activity. The snail’s pace of vehicles navigating the road due to its treacherous condition has created an environment ripe for criminal elements to exploit, said Yar Muhammad.

Citizens, especially those undertaking journeys during the night, live in constant fear as they navigate this hazardous route.

The people’s concerns regarding Multan-Vehari Road have reached a boiling point, with voices of frustration and outrage echoing throughout the region. Some passenger vehicles opted to journey between the both cities via Khanewal but the vehicles were fined for road violation, said a wagon driver on anonymous condition.

Citizens demand immediate attention to this pressing issue, emphasizing the need for swift and effective repairs to ensure the safety of all road users. The deteriorating state of the Multan-Vehari road not only endangers lives but also hampers economic activity in the region, he observed.

The citizens urged the caretaker government to prioritize the reconstruction and maintenance of Multan-Vehari Road, restoring it to a safe and reliable passage.


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