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Bugti calls for debate on appointments in education department

QUETTA, May 20 (APP): Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti called for a debate to develop a consensus on appointments in the education department carried out by the Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University.

Speaking on a point of order in the assembly session, Sarfraz Bugti stated that discussions held in the Assembly Hall would inform the entire province about the matter.

The chief minister added that opinions should not be imposed on the public and that suggestions from everyone should be sought to ensure all stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process.

He said the house should set the criteria for the appointments to fulfill the vacant seats on merit and discourage selling of jobs.

Bugti said no compromise would be made on recruitment of teachers and ensured merit in the appointment process.
In the past, appointments in the health and education departments have been done on political basis, he added.

He said that in the centralized system, the officials did not performed duties and it’s difficult for the government to dismiss them from service.

Sarfraz Bugti said that the government has allocated Rs 80 billion during last fiscal year for the provision of health services and also spent huge amount of national exchequer on education sector.

He said that measures were needed to bring reforms in the public sector including establishment of autonomous institutions and privatization of state owned enterprises to improve good governance.

He said the government should take bold decisions to improve the governance and eliminate the corruption in the province.

Members of the Balochistan Assembly demanded the federal government to start work on the installation of LPG gas plants project in Balochistan immediately to meet the shortage of gas in the province.

During the session, Member of the Provincial Assembly Asad Baloch presented a resolution regarding the installation of LP gas in remote areas of the province.

The Speaker adjourned the Assembly session till May 23.


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