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Bishkek situation normal; political party misrepresenting incident: Tarar

LAHORE, May 19 (APP): Federal Minister for Information, Broadcasting, National Heritage, and Culture Atta ullah Tarar has said that a political party is misrepresenting the Kyrgyzstan incident. He said that the situation in Bishkek has returned to normal, and those spreading fake images of casualties should fear Allah.
Addressing a joint press conference along with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar and Federal Minister for Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Affairs Ameer Muqam here on Sunday, he said that no Pakistani student had died in Bishkek; the incident was misreported, and any condemnation was insufficient.
The Federal Minister of Information stated that when a clash had occurred between two student groups in Bishkek, Pakistani students got caught up in the conflict, although they were not the target. He mentioned that when the incident had occurred, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Office immediately took action, and the government promptly activated an emergency response cell at the Foreign Ministry.
The Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister have been continuously monitoring the situation moment by moment for the past two days. Currently, six Pakistani students are receiving treatment in three different hospitals, he added.
The Federal Minister said that propaganda was launched by a political party, where a photo of a Bangladeshi student was used to depict a Pakistani student. He mentioned that the Prime Minister had spoken to Pakistan’s Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Hasan Ali Zaiqham, who confirmed that no Pakistani student died, or any female student was assaulted. The incident was misrepresented, and parents were misled into believing their daughters were assaulted, and their sons had died, which is highly condemnable, he added.
He urged those engaging in political point-scoring to fear Allah. The Federal Minister said that Kyrgyzstan’s Foreign Ministry shared a picture showing students from both countries sitting together. Attaullah Tarar emphasized that the protection of every Pakistani is the state’s foremost responsibility.
He stated that the data of Pakistani students residing in Bishkek has been compiled, and complete cooperation is being provided to those who wish to return to Pakistan. He added that some students do not want to return due to the disruption of their studies, but if anyone wishes to return, they should register themselves.
He mentioned that special arrangements have been made for the return of students living with their families in Bishkek, and the government will bear all the expenses of their return. The Federal Minister said he has personally been in contact with the students, and the ambassador is in continuous contact with them. The entire government machinery is taking this matter seriously, he maintained.

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