Bahawalpur police arrest nine suspects


BAHAWALPUR, Mar 20 (APP): The district police have taken nine suspects into custody and recovered liquor, narcotics and weapon from their possession.

According to a spokesman for Bahawalpur Police, acting on a tip-off, police teams of the police stations including Police Station (PS) Cant, PS Musafir Khana, PS Yazman and PS Khairpur Tamewali conducted raids at dens and arrested four suspects identified as Hanif, Kamran, Siddique and Ghulam Abbas.

The police have recovered 235 liters of liquor and one liquor factory from the possession of the accused.

In another police action, the police parties of the police stations among them were PS Cant and PS Anayiti had arrested four suspects recognized as Aqeel, Akram, Ali and Afzal. The police have recoverd over two kilograms hashish and 120 grams ice crystal from the possession of the suspects.

Meanwhile, Musafir Khana police have arrested a suspect identified as Riasat and recovered one pistol from his possession.

The police have registered separate cases against the suspects. Further probe was underway.

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