ANF seizes over 689 kg drugs in 24 operations; arrests 24

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RAWALPINDI, Oct 17 (APP):Anti-Narcotics Force Pakistan has seized over 689 kg of drugs worth US $14.645 million in the international market, arrested 24 persons and impounded nine vehicles while conducting 24 counter-narcotics operations throughout the country.

According to an ANF spokesman, the seized drugs comprised 164.350 kg opium, 29.023 kg heroin, 483.400 kg hashish, 12.195 kg methamphetamine (Ice), 300 ecstasy tabs and 3700 alprazolam tabs.

ANF North recovered 425.073 kg of drugs in eight operations, arrested eight accused and seized three vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 118.800 kg opium, 3.473 kg heroin, 302.400 kg hashish and 300 ecstasy tabs.

ANF KPK recovered 56.88 kg of drugs in six operations while two persons were sent behind the bars and seized two vehicles. The drugs comprised 55 kg hashish, 1.400 kg methamphetamine (Ice) and 3700 alprazolam tabs, weighing 0.480 grams.

ANF Sindh recovered 122 kg of drugs in four operations while seven persons were also rounded up and three vehicles were seized. The drugs comprised four kg heroin, 108 kg hashish and 10 kg methamphetamine (Ice).

ANF Punjab recovered 85.495 kg of drugs in six operations besides netting seven accused and seizing a vehicle. The drugs comprised 45.55 kg of opium, 21.550 kg of heroin, 18 kg of hashish and 395 grams of methamphetamine (Ice).

All cases have been registered at respective ANF police stations under CNS Act 1997 (Amended 2022) and further investigations are under process, he added.

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