AJK PM seeks world’s role to help resolve Kashmir issue for lasting regional peace

AJK PM seeks world's role to help resolve Kashmir issue for lasting regional peace

MIRPUR (AJK), Sep 19 (APP): Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi Sunday urged upon the international community to play their role for early resolution of the long-Standing Kashmir issue for ensuring emergence of lasting and durable peace in the region.

The prime minister made these remarks during a meeting with the Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs Ali Amin Gandapur held in the federal metropolis.

He said Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has been projecting the Kashmir issue at International level effectively and inviting the attention of the international community towards gruesome human rights violations and systematic killings of Kashmiris at the hands of brute Indian forces Over the globe in Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

Referring to the development of AJK, he said the government was taking revolutionary steps for the welfare of the people in accordance with the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He said the government has fixed targets to implement the reform agenda and steps were being taken to provide relief to the masses and to accelerate the tempo of developmental activities in the state.

The AJK prime minister said committees have been formed headed by the cabinet Minister to propose amendments in Ehtesab and Adhoc Act while local bodies elections will also be held within a year to shift the power at the gross root level.

The AJK prime minister said that for the first time the Federal government has prepared a complete document based on Indian forces repressions on Kashmiri people to draw the world attention towards Indian forces atrocities.

Speaking on the occasion, Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs Ali Amin Gandapur said that under the leadership of the AJK Prime Minister a new era of progress and development would be started in the state and the federal government would extend every possible financial assistance to the AJK government to implement its developmental projects for the wellbeing of the people of the state.