Abbottabad police launches crackdown against criminals, illegal residents

Abbottabad police launches crackdown against criminals, illegal residents
ABBOTTABAD, Aug 19 (APP):To ensure public safety and combat criminal activities, the District Police Officer (DPO) Omar Tufail on Saturday initiated a crackdown against drug dealers and criminals within the Abbottabad district.
All police stations in the district were instructed to take strict actions against drug peddlers, fugitives, land grabbers and individuals involved in criminal activities.
The DPO took the measures owing to the rising concerns over the prevalence of drug-related issues and organized crime in the region. He directed a thorough and comprehensive operation to stop the activities of drug dealers.
He also extended his efforts to address the issue of non-documented Afghan nationals staying unlawfully in the region.
 He stated that no leniency would be shown to individuals involved in unlawful activities or those propagating anti-Pakistan sentiments.
The DPO said that non-documented Afghan nationals were required to register themselves in accordance with Pakistani laws. Highlighting the commitment of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police to ensure public security, he affirmed his resolve to create a crime-free society.
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