World Day for Monuments and Sites to be observed tomorrow

ISLAMABAD, Apr 17 (APP):International Day for Monuments and Sites would be observed on Thursday across the globe including Pakistan.

Silk Road Centre and Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations, Quaid-i-Azam University would organize a symposium titled “Celebrating Pakistan’s Rural Heritage” on April 18.

Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Andleeb Abbas will be the chief guest at the symposium.

The symposium to be held in connection with World Heritage Day 2019 will brings together scholars, heritage conservators and students to reflect on the situation of Pakistan’s valuable rural heritage and its role in national development. Our rural areas are a treasure trove of the cultural and natural heritage. The session will bring to light various aspects of our rural heritage including landscapes, rural buildings, agriculture, traditional food, crafts and community life.

Participants of the symposium will highlight the tangible and intangible assets of rural heritage from all parts of Pakistan including AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Every year on 18 April, International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) celebrates the “International Day for Monuments and Sites”, whose establishment was approved by the 22nd UNESCO General Conference in 1983.

The aim of the International Day for Monuments and Sites is to encourage local communities and individuals throughout the world to consider the importance of cultural heritage to their lives, identities and communities, and to promote awareness of its diversity and vulnerability and the efforts required to protect and conserve it.

18 April is celebrated all over the world by a wide range of organisations and many ICOMOS National and International Scientific Committees.

Events include scientific conferences and symposia, exhibitions, photography competitions, excursions, press conferences, the awarding of prizes, releasing press releases, publishing magazine articles and projecting films, among others.