RAWALPINDI, Oct 28 (APP): As many as 260 paintings of various media
were put on display here Wednesday by the 36 students of Rawalpindi
Arts Council (RAC) to show their creative ideas and skills.
From landscapes to still life and abstract imagery, they visualized
their imaginative ideas and each student portrayed their collection on
various themes experimenting with water colors, oil painting, acrylics,
pastels, mix media, glass painting, pencil, charcoal and other mediums
of art.
The show is an opportunity for budding generation of artists to
showcase their hidden ability on a platform and this endeavor will not
only display the standards of art for amateur artists in Pakistan but
also encourage them to express their ideas and visualize them through
various mediums, said the organizers.
Such art shows are an attempt to foster an appreciation of vibrant
human creativity and a reflection into the future from the cultural
mirror of the lives and times, said Asad Gadoon, a participating artist.
Each artist is enthusiastic and the paintings are filled with
color and clarity of concept, aesthetic characteristics, creativity
in use of media and rich inspiration from their surroundings.
The exhibition encouraged dialogue between the audience and
the creative thinkers through building a symbolic bridge and
enabling the creation of an exciting interactive art work as these
young creative thinkers are ready to encounter the challenges ahead
in terms of creativity.
The show has significant importance as it features the
art creations of new talent of RAC who will enter the creative
fields after having completed their training.
Such events not only provide opportunity to the upcoming artists
to enter into the art scenes of the country and introduce themselves in
group art activities but also explore their hidden potential and boost
their creative abilities that encourages them to work in a professional
way, the organizers said.
The show will be open for public till October 31.