ISLAMABAD, Jan 14 (APP):Pakistan is among the countries with one of the most ancient human civilizations like Rani Ghat site from Gandhara civilization era which attracted foreign and local tourists amid Buddhisht pilgrims to study the origin of Buddhism.

The religious tourist sites had gained attention of the foreign tourists and pilgrims to visit Pakistan and rediscover the country in its true perspective.

Rani Ghat is located in district Buner of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), which remained center of Buddhist art and culture for centuries.

Number of tourists especially Japanese visit the site as it was constructed by Japanese, an official said.

He said it is believed that the site once served as university at that time, where many foreigners, including Japanese came for studies in the ancient times to learn Buddhism.

He said Rani Ghat remained the center of Buddhist art and culture for centuries.

The official said main attractions of site is Stupas, a big rock erected by the ancient people which was used to worship.

He said the site was beautifully designed and stones from the local mountains attracted visitors.

The site containing the ruins of the Buddhism Queen of the time is the place where the Queen pray to God, he informed.