KARACHI, Sept. 27 (APP): MERE LOG-A social cause of Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz (PKKH) successfully initiated “Wall of Knowledge for students”, who wants to glorify their knowledge, and to increase trend of book reading these days when book reading habit is about to extinct due to technology all over the world.

The effort was done for the students and people who are much dedicated towards the reading and didn’t get enough resources to buy extra books out of their syllabus. It was however also arranged to build an educated and book friendly society.

The organizers of this event were the core members of Karachi team Salman Ali Ibrahim, Muhammad Yousuf, Content Writers and Bloggers of PKKH; Namra Aftab, Sana Zehra and Hira Ahmed, who worked for day and night to make it possible.

The event was organized as habit of book reading declining and more involvement of people in social media.

The core member of Karachi team Salman Ali Ibrahim said that it was a mutual consent from our team to create a “Wall of Knowledge” for those who wants to learn. Our slogan for this wall is: “Pick a book you want to read or leave a book you have already read”.

This initiative got a lot of appreciation from visitors. Students were willing to donate their books for those who wants to read and to be a part of this noble cause.

However, the founder of “Fix it” Campaign Alamgir Khan also visited the Wall of Knowledge and highly appreciated the efforts of PKKH Team.

It is a commendable initiative by PKKH and should be done across the country to hike up the trend of reading and spread the knowledge.

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