Mehfil-e-Khayal-o-Sama’ live concert on April 27

ISLAMABAD, Apr 24 (APP):”Mehfil-e-Khayal-o-Sama”, Ustad Raza Ali Khan Live in Concert will pay homage to the mystical roots of Pakistan’s cultural heritage in a soulful evening here on April 27.

The famed Sufi Amir Khusrau invented Khayal, a meditative form of vocalising ragas, eight centuries ago. Since then, Khayal has defined the classical and devotional musical traditions of the South Asian sub-continent. Ustad Raza hails from a glorious musical lineage and is currently on a short tour of Pakistan, he is the grandson of the great Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and heir to his musical legacy. During the concert, he will take the audience on a blissful meditative journey with his mesmerising vocals.

This is also the inaugural concert of a latest initiative towards preserving and promoting our cultural heritage: Ustad Raza Ali Khan School of Music, where beginner and advanced training in classical music (vocals and multiple instruments) will be offered, under the guidance and patronage of Ustad Raza Ali Khan himself.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn directly from the Ustad through workshops that will be offered at different points in a yearly calendar. The school will also present workshops and seminars in musicology and the theory and philosophy of music. Courses for people with disabilities/special needs are also being designed in collaboration with trained practitioners.

Ustad Raza Ali Khan, a maestro of contemporary classical music, was born in an iconic musical household. He has perfected the art of Khayal gayeki through his journey in music and his engagement with the classical tradition that he inherited. He is also the Khalifa of Kasur Gharana, one of the greatest lineages of classical music in the sub-continent.

This is the exciting, next step in the mission Theatre Wallay started a little over two years ago to build an inclusive cultural space for dialogue through art and literature. This school is an effort towards raising awareness of our rich cultural heritage and promoting South Asian classical music as a way of connecting people from across the cross-section of society, said the organizers.

Theatre Wallay is a non-commercial group of artists with a passion for theatre and literature. The group is also involved in ‘Theatre for Social Change’ projects and works to promote the use of creative expression as a tool for empowerment and critical dialogue.