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ISLAMABAD, Dec 03 (APP): National Institute of Cultural and Hertaige (Lok Virsa) will organize Sufi Sangat  on the poetic vision of “Mian Mohammad Bakhsh on December 4.

Sufi Sangat titled “Saif ul Maluk” will shed light on the Verses (Kafi) from his major and well known work  Saif-ul-Malook, which is popular in all parts of the world where Punjabi is understood.

Author of great Sufi wisdom Saeed Ahmed will narrate the story and verses of his poetry from Saif ul Maluk in which the beautiful story of love between a prince and a fairy was written in a poetry form by Muhammad Baksh, an official told on Thursday.       ‘

Mystic poet of Punjabi literature Mian Muhammad Bakhsh wrote Saif-ul-Malook  in the age of just 33 in which  he narrated about himself.

He said that “today they are millions of his admirers and hundreds of readers of the Saif ul Maluk”.

He said that he devoted his whole life writing such powerful spiritual thoughts in a versified form whose beauty now must be admired in a sincere and honest way.

Mian Mohammad Bakhsh not only talks about the various social evil diseases such as greed, lust, violence, arrogance and negative trends in the society but also gives solutions for the ailments, he stated.