Group show “The Space Between” starts

ISLAMABAD, Oct 6 (APP): ‘My Art World’ gallery has organized a nine-day group painting exhibition titled “The Space Between” started here on Thursday at ‘The Kitchen’.

“The Space Between” showcases a collection of art expressing the artist’s understanding of spatial tension through interior spaces & urban landscapes.

The exhibition features new works by Emaan Mahmud, Fatima Nadeem, Ujala Khan, Gul e Shazma & Ghazi Sikander.

An artist Fatima Nadeem said at the inaugural ceremony of the exhibition that,”The People are products of their environments. And ironically – their environments become a product of them, It is this correlation that has inspired my practice.”

Another Artist Ujala Khan said at the exhibition that, “The best thing about art is that it takes you from here to someplace else, leaving you with a sense of freedom and empowerment that one yearns for”.

“My work encourages bias of form and the positioning of strong and bold colors to convey human emotions.” She added.

Emaan Mahud said “ I try to use what my experiment with paint has taught me to recreate the feeling of swimming in the ocean at its bluest or standing in front of mountains at their grandest. this longing to be closer to nature fuels my work”

A large number of young artist, art lovers, youngsters,
students, foreigners and people from different walks of life visited the exhibition and appreciated the art work.
The exhibition will continue till October 14.