"Facial Recognition" exhibition starts from Sept 15-25

ISLAMABAD, Sep 11 (APP): An exhibition of “Facial Recognition” will be starts from 15-25 September at MyArtWorld with the aim to empower emerging artists and provide affordable art to art enthusiasts.

According to a press release, a group exhibition showcasing
new works by Zoya Manan, Ammama Malik & Sana Saeed. The collection
focuses on facial familiarity and how each artist perceives
distinct facial features that encompass their surroundings.

Zoya Manan is showcasing paintings on wood from two of her
latest series using her signature style merging real situations
into surreal paintings mainly using faces and figures in enclosed,
claustrophobic spaces.

Ammama Malik’s larger than life oil on canvas portraits have
an air of stillness. She takes inspiration from Renaissance &
Baroque art and portray’s her muse’s narrative through light,
shadows, tonal variation and drapery.

Sana Saeed has explored various forms of layering very
effectively. Her oil on canvas paintings are mostly layered with a
translucent sheet with further detailed ink rendering on them.

Each painting has a different mood and concept that’s shown by the

The show captures a wide essence of the concept and reveals
multiple narratives that each of us can relate to and connect with
through various angles.

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