Drama festival attracts huge crowds

LAHORE, Oct 20 (APP): Fun-loving Lahorites thronged the Alhamra Cultural Complex Qaddafi Stadium to amuse themselves with drama performances and fun as the 2-day Unique drama festival started here on Thursday.

Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Affiars Tahir Khalil Sindhu inaugurated the festival who believed the conduct of such events would improve Pakistan’s image as a peace loving country and help to restore tolerance in society.

The minister lauded the Punjab government and the educational institution which had taken this initiative and shown to the world that Pakistanis are peace-loving nation and believe in basic human rights.

The minister urged the need to hold more of such activities to break the monotony and send a message of peace and love across the world.

Aiming to highlight a soft image of the country and increase interfaith harmony, peace and tolerance in society, Human Rights and Minorities Affairs department, Punjab government in collaboration with Unique group of institutions presented 12 plays on the first day while Sufi Music Night was held at the amphitheatre (Open Air).

The presence of a large number of families at the Alhamra Cultural Complex arena created a festive atmosphere where they feasted on the drama performances besides the puppet-show and drum-beat.

The feature presentation of the evening was a play by Imtiaz Ali Taj “Qurtaba ka Qazi” which presented a qazi who upheld the Islamic principles of justice, tolerance and equality when the Qazi sentenced his son to death for murder of a foreigner and later himself hanged his son for the crime although the whole city of Crodova (Spain) had turned against him.

The festival would continue till 22nd October (Saturday) while 12 more plays will be performed at the Alhmara Halls on the second day of the festival (Friday).