Death anniversary of famous poet, filmmaker Saifuddin Saif observed

ISLAMABAD, Jul 12 (APP): Famous Urdu poet and filmmaker
Saifuddin Saif was remembered on his death anniversary on Thursday.
Saifuddin Saif was born in Amritsar, in 1922. His poetry
evolved and he wrote some very powerful poems during his college
He was already inclined towards writing for films, but the
films for which he had written lyrics before partition, were not
released due to the traumatic conditions in the subcontinent.
Teri Yaad, the first film to be released in Pakistan in 1948,
started its shooting before partition. Saif wrote songs for it and
got a lot of praise for the freshness of his poetry. But the first
film he did after Partition was Hichkoley, in 1949. Amanat (1950)
and Naveli (1952) were his earliest films, but the true flourish in
his career came in 1953, when his songs in Ghulam, Mehbooba became
Saifuddin Saif launched his own film making called Rehnuma
Films in 1954. He scripted and presented a film, Raat Kee Baat on
this banner, which flopped miserably, but his next movie, in 1957,
titled Saat Lakh, literally minted money, as its name and script
In 1959, Saif came up with another pearl, which was the film
Kartar Singh. He had written its sterling script and dialogues, and
also directed it with a perfect vision.
Saif compiled his poetry collection, Kham-e-Kakul, which is
full of brilliant ghazals and poems. Saifuddin Saif died on July 12,
1993 at the age 72.