British Backpacker Society team visits Faisal Mosque

ISLAMABAD, May 6 (APP):The British Backpacker Society team continued their visit in Islamabad, with a tour to the Faisal Mosque.

In a statement, the British Backpacker Society said that “the modern design of the Faisal Mosque is a defining icon of Islamabad’s skyline and is found on the cusp of the city’s hills”.
“Surrounded by gardens, it is both an interesting and an idyllic place for tourists to visit, and is recommended on any tour of Islamabad”.

Earlier, the British Backpacker Society team in Pakistan visited the impressive Pakistan Monument, witnessing a beautiful sunset over downtown Islamabad. Islamabad is a city of wide-boulevards, tree-lined streets and a picturesque undulating backdrop, and, particularly for the British Backpacker Society members that are enjoying their first visit to the country, serves as a fantastic introduction to Pakistan.