ISLAMABAD, Nov 30 (APP): It is the art and culture part that remains
less focussed on the agenda of political parties resulting the less attention
of artists and people connected to the cultural institutions in activities
of the elections but still the artists’ community seem optimistic to bring
change through their vote power.
“We definitely use our vote power despite the fact that it is rare
that any candidate focus on art and culture promotion activities but the art
community is the most concerned for those working in favor of the nation,”
said Mussarrat Naheed Imam, Director, Visual Arts of Pakistan National
Council of the Arts (PNCA).
There are less or no institutions that gather information on the
stance of parties on promotion of arts and culture and the artists
personally talk about those candidates that they feel are genuine and will
take care of their nation.
“The artists mostly see the favorable and peaceful conditions in
which they can work for promotion of art and cultural activities and for
this, they go for genuine candidates that they feel are genuine and will work
for favoring their nation in true spirit,” she said.
Most of the candidates do not show their stance regarding promotion
of art and culture but they do work for the art community after getting
the position, said Ahmed Habib, a Visual artist.
This time, the people have been actively participating in the
elections as they feel that now system has been improved and expecting
clear and transparent elections.
“Mostly the artists are sensitive and feel more about their
surroundings and for this reason we go for genuinely committed leadership
that feels for the cause of the nation and work for them positively,” he
Some performing artistes like singers and actors have shown their
alliance with some political parties which naturally drag their fans and
followers to the respective parties.