WB Country Director felicitates Dar for achieving revenue target

ISLAMABAD, July 5 (APP): World Bank Country Director Patchamuthu Illangovan Tuesday felicitated Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar

on achieving record level of tax revenue as well as all time high forex reserves at the close of the financial year 2016.

These commendable achievements had been possible due to the commitment of the government to the economic reform programme, he added.

During a meeting with Ishaq Dar here, he also referred to the recent agreement between Government of pakistan (GoP) and World Bank for financing of the reform porgramme for competitiveness and growth and said that these reforms would also help spur growth, which was the focus of the government.

He assured the minister of World Bank’s full support for the economic reforms being carried out by the government and said that the mutual collaboration between the GOP and the World Bank had been at its best
during the outgoing financial year.

The Finance Minister said the government had embarked on the much needed economic structural reforms three years ago and was fully committed to take it forward. He said that the results of the reforms carried out so far were very encouraging and all economic indicators had shown substantial progress.

He appreciated the support of the World Bank in the process.
The minister also shared with Mr Illangovan the plans for the next level of reforms to be carried out in the area of finance.

The Country Director expressed keen interest in the reforms and assured that the World Bank would fully support the programme.
Senior officials of Ministry of Finance were present in the meeting.