TDAP hosts 29th Asian Trade Promotion Forum

LAHORE, Sept 25 (APP): Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) here Sunday hosted 29th Asian Trade Promotion Forum (ATPF) CEOs’ Conference on the theme ‘Enhancing role of TPOs in Human Resource Development’.

The event participated actively by leading representatives of Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) of Asian Region including Australia, Bangladesh, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

TDAP Chief Executive S.M. Munir, who was also chairperson of the conference, in his inaugural address welcomed the delegates and stressed the importance of human resource development in sustainable economic development.

TDAP (Lahore) Director General Sher Afgan Khan introduced the main theme of the conference and highlighted the importance of synergies between trade promotion and human resource development.

He said that TPOs needed to focus more on human resource development to achieve their goal of trade development.
Later representatives from TPOs of Malaysia, Sri Lanka and China gave their presentations on the sub-theme “Role of TPOs in Women Economic Empowerment.” They pointed out that TPOs had been investing their resources in promoting women entrepreneurs and were now reaping its benefits, as women entrepreneurs were contributing more to trade development in their countries.

Afterwards, the representatives of TPOs of Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei gave their presentations on the second sub-theme “Role of TPOs on Effective Use of Globally Competent Human Resource.”

The speakers highlighted that in today’s competitive global trade environment, the success of businesses depended upon capacity of their human resource.

The delegates also expressed their appreciation for TDAP Chief Executive for hosting and making excellent arrangements for the conference.