Shipping Activity at Port Qasim

Shipping Activity at Port Qasim
KARACHI, Aug 30 (APP):Four ships namely, Maersk Denver, Maersk Brooklyn, Cetus Cachalot and FSM carrying Container, Coal and LPG, berthed at Container Terminal, Bulk Terminal and Engro Terminal, respectively on Tuesday.
Meanwhile five more ships, MSC Madeleine, Copenhagen, Maroudio, Besi Ktas M and Mari Blue, scheduled to load/offload Containers, Cement and Coal also arrived at outer anchorage of the Port Qasim during last 24 hours.
A total of 09 ships were engaged at PQA berths during the last 24 hours, out of two ships, Maersk Brooklyn and Sea Bulk sailed out to sea on Wednesday, while five more ships, Maersk Denver, MS Freesia, Okyroe, Calypso Gas and FSM are expected to sail on same day afternoon.
The cargo throughput of 133,706 tonnes, comprising 99,519 tones imports Cargo and 34,187 tonnes export cargo, including containerized cargo carried in 3,572 Containers (1,561 TEUs Imports and 2,011 TEUs export) was handled at the port during the last 24 hours.
There are twelve ships at Outer Anchorage of Port Qasim, out of them five ships, Maroudio, Sea Hazel, Nymph Thetis, Southern Robin and MSC Madeleine & another ship, Maersk Pelepas scheduled to load/offload Cement, Fuel oil, Palm oil, Chemicals and Containers are expected to take berths at Multi-Purpose Terminal, Oil Terminal, Liquid Terminal, Engro Terminal and Container Terminal respectively on today Wednesday, while another containers ship, Frankfurt Express is due to arrive at Port Qasim on Thursday.
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