Salient features of sector wise relief in budget 2017-18

ISLAMABAD, May 27 (APP): Following are the salient features of sector wise relief in the budget for fiscal year 2017-18:
Relief Measures:
• Reduction of duty from 11% to 3% and removal of 5% RD on grandparent and parent stock of chicken
• Reduction of duty on import of hatching eggs from 115% to 3%
• Reduction of RD on aluminium waste or scrap from 10% to 5%
• Exemption of 3% CD on raw skins and hides
• Reduction of CD on sheets for veneering rom 16% to 11%
• Reduction of CD on pre-fabricated modular clean rooms panels from 20% to 3%
• Exemption of CD on fabric (non-woven) for pharmaceutical industry from 16% to 5%

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Protection to local industry:
• 5% RD levied on import of synthetic filament yarn (of polyesters)
• Increase of CD on aluminium beverage cans from 11% to 20%
• CD reduced on uncoated polyester film and aluminum wire from 20% to 11% for manufacturers of metalized yarn
• CD reduced from 20% to 16% and from 16% to 11% on raw materials for manufacturers of baby diapers