PSX inclusion in MSCI emerging market status is a big success

KARACHI, June 21 (APP): Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) reentry in
to the MSCI emerging market status is a very big success, said Chairman of the PSX, Muneer Kamal.

Speaking to media at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Tuesday, he was of the view that this means that the world has acknowledged that Pakistan is improving economically.

Muneer Kamal said that law and order in Pakistan is better than
before and that there is also political stability.

He stated that the steps taken by the government for the economic
development have started coming to the fore.

Muneer Kamal said that with the operation Zarb i Azb peace has been
restored all over the country.

He said that for the elimination of terrorism, all political and
religious parties as well as the organizations in the country are on the same page.

The Managing Director of PSX, Nadeem Naqvi, said that reinclusion
of PSX in MSCI emerging market status is a big achievement.

He pointed out that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would help change the fate of the country.

He said that the volume of the MSCI index is to the tune of 1,600
billion dollars and if Pakistan secures one percent of this it would be a big success.