Political instability, discontinuation of policies reasons for continued failures: Ahsan

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ISLAMABAD, Nov 22 (APP): Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives, Professor Ahsan Iqbal here on Tuesday said that political instability and continuation of policies were the reasons behind the failures the country had been facing for the last 75 years.

Speaking at the ‘Launch and oath taking ceremony of the Young Development Fellowship Program”, the minister said that the father of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his companions had materialized the dream of independent Pakistan to prove to the world that they had the capacity to run a free and sovereign country in accordance with their principles.

He lamented that adding one more under-developing country on the world map was not the purpose of Pakistan’s creation. Peace and stability were the prerequisites to moving toward the progress and prosperity of any country, he added.

The minister highlighted the importance of taking advantage of the demographic dividend of the country.

He said that the youth of the country could prove an asset to the country if provided proper environment and direction. However, they could prove demographic disaster if not molded in a constructive way.

He said that the government’s top priority was to provide the best opportunity to the youth including training, education and experiences which could lead the country on the path of development.